COVID-19 Resources for Christian Marketplace Leaders

Published May 27, 2020

During this season of crisis, C12 is working hard to help Christian business leaders continue to advance and do great good. Originally on the C12 platform, below is a blog post with some helpful resources for Christian business leaders. 

While well-intended tips, studies and forecasts from multiple sources are flooding everyone’s inboxes and social media feeds as well as inspiration to help mentally navigate the uncertainty that lies ahead, CEOs and business owners in C12’s global network are inundating our leadership with stories of creative innovation, lessons learned and tactical strategies. C12 members are turning the unforeseen disruptions of the COVID pandemic into opportunities to care for their teams, families and communities while still advancing their businesses. 

Hear from C12 CEO Mike Sharrow, in the first of a series of videos, as he shares what we are learning from thousands of Christian business leaders in C12 as well as our trusted partners and affiliate organizations.  Watch Now >>

In addition to the Executive Briefing, C12 will continue to compile the best resources to keep you informed and resilient throughout this uncertain time. This information is not exclusive to C12 members. Please feel free to share with your peers. 


Resources & Guidance for COVID-19 

Resources to Act: 


Government Resources: 


Insight & Analysis: 


Perspective Pieces: 


In the busy intersection of questions and dynamic situations, we want you positioned to succeed and to feel confident to serve your teams with exceptional relevance during this time. The power of leaning on the counsel of your peers is needed now more than ever. 

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