Published October 19, 2021

GLS21 Faculty, Liz Wiseman & Shola Richards, Address Congress on Breaking the Cycle of Dysfunction

You don’t have to spend much time watching or reading the news to realize a sense of division and incivility in American society today. So, when leadership researcher and best-selling author, Liz Wiseman, was invited by recommendation from GLS faculty alumni, Adam Grant, to a hearing with The Select Committee on Modernization of Congress to offer recommendations on how to break the cycle of dysfunction within Congress, she was deeply honored for the opportunity.

These unique connections create momentum for change and hope for the future.

Rated by Thinkers50 as one of the top leadership thinkers in the world, Liz Wiseman was able to offer leadership practices to improve collaboration and civility based on best practices in private sector. “Of the dozen practices I recommended, one of my favorites is to improve behavior through transparency, specifically, by inviting school kids to observe civic leadership in action and make them active observers,” said Wiseman.

As the Committee researched thought-leaders in the fields of leadership, teamwork and civility, Liz Wiseman also recommended GLS21 faculty, new friend and workplace civility expert, Shola Richards. “I was humbled and deeply grateful,” said Richards. “I’m very thankful that the universe brought Liz Wiseman into my life during the Summit!”

Liz Wiseman and Shola Richards

Liz Wiseman and Shola Richards


Liz Wiseman and Shola Richards became friends after meeting at The Global Leadership Summit while on the same faculty lineup for the 2021 event. “The connection with Shola isn’t a coincidence,” said Wiseman. “I met him at the GLS, got to talk with him and became fast friends. So, when the congressional committee contacted me (and after I began working with them) I recommended they reach out to Shola and pull him in on the civility piece. They did, he was thrilled and we got to do this together, which made it extra fun!”

It is always my hope that people will act with more kindness and civility toward one another.

The topics that were addressed during the hearing on September 23, 2021 were leadership, collaboration and civility. Liz Wiseman presented as the leadership expert; Dr. Alison Craig presented as the collaboration expert; and Shola Richards presented as the civility expert.

“Not many people can say they have been called to testify as an expert before Congress, and I am deeply humbled by the opportunity,” said Richards. “Most of all, I hope my recommendations can play some sort of role in increasing the level of civility within the halls of Congress. It is always my hope that people will act with more kindness and civility toward one another. I feel that the world needs this more than ever.”

The Global Leadership Summit is a unique platform not only for leadership growth, but also valuable connection and collaboration.

Every day we hear stories about the connections made at the event and thereafter that allow for valuable collaboration for positive transformation around the world. Not only does this occur among teams in our audience and between various sectors of society at host sites across the country, but it also happens backstage, behind the scenes among our incredible faculty. These unique connections create momentum for change and hope for the future.

“There’s a fun angle about the connections that can be made both by attending The Global Leadership Summit and speaking at it,” said Wiseman. “Those new friendships and associations can lead to making a bigger impact in the world!”

This is such an important reminder to pay attention to the unique connections you make and continue to be part of the positive change that the world needs!

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