Published September 26, 2018

This Week’s GLS Events & Prayer Requests



Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8:30 am CST, our staff gathers together to pray for our partners across the globe.

Please join us in prayer as we lift up the international Summit events happening this weekend. Pray for God’s anointing on every detail and that those who attend would leave feeling equipped, inspired and encouraged to lead the change they long for in their communities.

And if you have a prayer request, please share it with us. We would be honored to pray with you!

September 28

Benue, Nigeria
Libreville, Gabon
Lagos, Nigeria
Yaba, Nigeria

I ask God to give us leaders who are inspiring. Leaders who are godly. Leaders who are God fearing. Leaders who will do the will of God. They are not selfish, but sacrificial leaders. Leaders who will give of themselves and say we just need to do the will of God.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Bellary, India
Makurdi, Nigeria
Ibadan, Nigeria

September 29

Akoka, Nigeria

The church is the hope of the world. We have the Gospel. Despite the change in times, the Gospel remains the same. Despite all that is happening around the world, it is still good. The church is the hope of the world! We [as Christians] are the ones who can go to any lengths to make sacrifices and love people even when they hate us. We are the hope of the world. We are the ones going to a very critical, terrible areas. We venture into areas we might be slaughtered or we might be killed. But we are the hope of the world. We HAVE to bring light into dark places. We have to bring hope to the hopeless. We want to feed the poor and visit the prisoners. The world is crying from hunger. There is war all over the place, but we are to bring peace.

September 30

Ogbomosho, Nigeria
Benin, Nigeria

October 1

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

If I could change one thing in the world, it is to change leaders because leaders set the pace. If we have leaders of integrity, men and women of honor, the followers will also be men and women of integrity and honor.

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