Published December 13, 2017

4 Ways the Church is Changing Cuba

Los Pinos Nuevos is a local church at Havana Cuba. Several years ago, under the leadership of Pastor Norberto, they began a leadership training center. In just two years, they began to see change as a result of pastors being empowered through the training. These pastors are completely focused on spreading the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus, and are seeing real transformational outcomes in their communities.

And it all started at The Global Leadership Summit.

“A church is working among us and is the cause that the community is improving. Something they do makes people happier, working and living differently.”

When Pastor Norberto heard about how the Church is the hope of the world, he realized there were more things his church could be doing in the community, not just within the church walls. He realized they didn’t have to have a big church to make an impact. The church could still transform the community through the Gospel.

Here are just some of the ways Noberto’s community changed in Cuba:

  1. Elderly and children are being cared for.
    They created a social project they call A Grain of Sand, which serves food to 80 elderly and 1,200 children in need on a daily basis. This has been the way to share God’s love in action beyond the walls of the church. They also hold regular gatherings where the elderly and youth come together to exchange ideas and advice.
  2. The crime rate has reduced.
    The government has recently determined the crime rate in the area has been radically reduced. When the governor asked why and how the crime rates were going down by 30 percent, the answer pointed to Norberto’s church and their activity in the community. They were having an impact. One government official said, “A church is working among us and is the cause that the community is improving. Something they do makes people happier, working and living differently.”
  3. The Gospel is transforming lives.
    Their greatest emphasis is the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus’ grace to transform the world. And there is tangible evidence.A sociologist began to investigate the situation, and discovered that Los Pinos Nuevos Church is bringing more impact to the community than any other institution. With more than 10,000 followers throughout the community, meeting in many house churches, things are changing. Pastor Norberto’s leadership is now recognized among official government authorities.
  4. The church is serving prostitutes and drug addicts.
    Right now the church is starting to serve a sector of the community at the center of prostitution and drug addiction. By being proximate to the greatest needs in their community, they hope to see transformation here as well.

Can you imagine if every church had a vision like this? Imagine what would happen in communities around the world.

The Church IS the hope of the world.

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