Published February 3, 2016

First Generation Christians Decide to Do Something That’s Never Been Done Before


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UntitledThe impact of the GLS in India in 2015 is worth celebrating! A total of 26 events were hosted in different cities across the country with over 7,000 leaders in attendance. And still, nine more events are getting ready to launch in the beginning of 2016. The GLS continues to impact Christians by inspiring, challenging, stretching and equipping them to find their God given potential in making the church the hope of the world.

For a small group of seven first generation Christians out of a village in India, the GLS was a huge encouragement and inspiration. There are literally no churches in their village, and they experience great opposition and persecution for their faith. Just recently, a pastor was evicted from his home. When they found out about the GLS they decided to travel the distance to participate and be a part of this Christian community.

The opportunity to join together with other Christian leaders and learn from the speakers encouraged and challenged them.  They became passionate about the idea that the Church is the hope of the world. So they decided to return home to build a church in their village. A couple from the group donated land and plans are underway. Even though they know the adversity they will experience, their confidence and enthusiasm were visible on their faces when they exclaimed,

“We will build a church in our village!”

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