Published July 27, 2016

The GLS Equips Leaders Starting a Business as Mission



Mary and David met in northeast, India while they were working with YWAM. Their ministry was focused on supporting efforts to eradicate HIV/AIDS, human trafficking and social justice. While dealing with the daily risk of persecution, they developed a passion and an empathy for the people of the region. “People here struggle for identity,” Mary said. “The people groups who live in our locality struggle to know who they are and fight to gain confidence in their national identity.”

While doing ministry in northeast, India, they were blessed with the opportunity to meet a family running a 100-year old local business, and using it to bless the community. “This family has always inspired me,” said Mary. “They frequently offer their space to NGOs, churches or people in the community, and charge only enough to cover tea and coffee at the meetings. Revenue from their work is donated to causes and sponsors many events in town. They are always willing to sit down with business owners and share ideas, and are generous with their time and resources.”

“They not only inspired us, but more importantly, they showed us that you could do business and help your community at the same time. We loved this model.”

When Mary, from the US, and David, from South Asia, got married three years ago, they were gifted with a large piece of land in northeast, India, and they dreamed about ways to use the land to bless their community. They began to pray about ways to provide a place for locals and visitors to rest and reconnect with God and nature.

Building a business that would also serve the community grew on their hearts.

“We decided to start a farm and a resort,” Mary said. “Thanks to our ministry work, we are good at networking and knew about advertising, finding clients and hosting groups.” In their new business, they are taking advantage of hosting tourist groups coming to the area. David is also training in permaculture farming to help enrich the land. With revenue from their work, they plan to give back to their community, and serve people in the local villages through business training and community development.

“Over the last three years, the Lord has been helping us build our resort and introducing us to more people in the business community,” Mary said. “It is not a coincidence that our home church was hosting a satellite location of the Summit. In our work we are rarely are able to attend conferences like this,” said Mary. “It was so refreshing to go to the GLS and learn how to run our business in a way that would honor God and serve our community.” Because of the Summit, Mary and David feel confident they can take their business to the next level—not just for the sake of the business, but especially for the people they serve.

How might God equip you through the GLS?

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