Published September 1, 2017

Because of the GLS | The Church in India is Growing



int-1115Bobby has been attending the GLS in India since it launched there in 2007.

He was so excited after that first event, he went to almost every GLS event in India that year! Since then, he’s been following the GLS closely, sharing it with all his friends and colleagues.

Bobby believes the GLS is a catalyst to strengthen the growing Church and share the Gospel across the nation.

Despite the fact that being a Christian in some regions of India is difficult due to persecution, the Church is actually experiencing exponential growth.

Bobby now supports the GLS as a national producer, trainer and he also assists with translation of the GLS into six different languages, serving a record 55 sites in India in 2016. Only God!

We Can Learn From Anyone

Bobby has firsthand experience in how the GLS transforms lives starting with himself. “I look to people around us, and there is a lot to learn from all, primarily from Jesus, but we can learn from anyone. If I am learning, I am growing. I hope all leaders will keep their eyes of learning wide and their hearts teachable.”

Because of the GLS, Bobby and a small group of his friends began to recognize what kind of influence they could have in their community. “We realized that the influence doesn’t stop with us. It has to go further,” Bobby explains. “Because of the GLS, we started looking realistically at people in need.

A Light Beyond the Community

“When we started to get closer to people’s hearts, we realized some ministers were in need of encouragement. So now we care for about eight families in our neighborhood. We live life together, break bread together and meet once a week.”

This small community is shedding a light beyond the community they’ve built. “India is a more or less a secular nation, but the dominant religion is Hinduism,” Bobby explains. “I come from that religion and it’s not easy to start having faith in a living God. But when you start to experience it, it’s hard to contain it. You need to share it with people.

“At times it gets difficult, as people don’t always see the point of love. They look for monetary benefits and they miss the point.

“I definitely think the GLS is helping the leaders to become stronger, especially in the last couple of years.

“We are in a challenging situation in India, but we aren’t seeing the Church get stagnant. It is growing!

“We are seeing more ministers being improved by GLS.”

With the support of our generous donors, we’ve been able to take the GLS farther than we ever imagined. But in a country like India, with over a billion people, the GLS is just scratching the surface with its reach. “There is more to do in the smaller towns and villages,” Bobby shares. “Rather than expect them to come to the city, we want to reach out to those smaller churches. I strongly think we will get there.”

With a vision to reach more people with the GLS, and spread the Gospel across India, Bobby continues to invite more and more people whenever the opportunity arises. “Recently, my wife and I were visiting a friend. She is a leader in the military,” Bobby shares. “When she asked me what I do, I told her. She went on listening and asked when the next GLS event was. She asked if she could come. I said, why not? We will give you a formal invitation!

The GLS is for everyone.

“There are leaders across the church, across the nation, from all walks of life, from the government, corporate business leaders and young people too.”

Through the GLS, the Church of India is growing stronger.

Thank you for supporting leaders like Bobby who are passionate about strengthening the Church and sharing the gospel message with the people of India. “I want to thank all of you who support the Summit,” Bobby says. “I would like to tell you how excellent it is that you’re giving your resources to have the Summit annually and helping leaders worldwide. Yes, you are helping the leaders of our nation. I am grateful to you. I want to thank you and bless you in the name of Jesus!”


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