Published April 10, 2017

High School Students Make The GLS Their Senior Project

In his senior year of high school, Jacob and a friend wanted to do something to not only inspire and develop leaders in their own student body, but to inspire leaders in Rwanda as well.

They decided to make The GLS their senior project.

They got heavily involved in helping to promote The GLS in Las Vegas, as well as the High School Edition of the Summit in their community. As a result, 55 students gathered for the high school edition, and hundreds of other leaders across northern Nevada took part in The GLS.

It doesn’t stop there.

Inspired by the impact The GLS could have on leaders in some of the most difficult regions of the world, they decided to raise funds from among their peers to provide scholarships to leaders in Kigali, Rwanda.

Here is a thank you note from one of the pastors who attended The GLS in Rwanda:

Dear Jacob,

Congratulations on completing your senior year project. Wow!!! I have no words to tell you how I feel right now about you. Your gift to train pastors in Rwanda is very welcome.

Thank you so much for loving us and praying for us and supporting us this much. Last year I attended the GLS in Rwanda and my life and ministry was completely changed. My prayer since then has been that many Rwandan pastors can attend it this year. It is expensive for a lot of pastors here. But your gift is going to bless hundreds of believers in this country because all of the pastors you are sending to the GLS have hundreds of people they minister to every week. Ohh…Thank you so much!

Please send our thanks to every person who was involved in this. Jacob, I pray for you that your pockets, your stores, your account, your family, will never run out of God’s provisions. We pray that God will guide you into your next step of life and grow you into a man after His heart.

Pastor Rogers, Rwanda

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