Published February 22, 2017

Does Leadership Have an Age Limit?

As the Summit grows around the world, more people are realizing that in order to bring radical change to their communities, they have to start with building up and empowering their youth.

It is becoming evident that there’s no age limit to leadership.

They know that the truth is, young, emerging leaders are coming up behind us, and if we do not prepare them for the future, we are doing a disservice for the next generation.

As a result, we are seeing a surge of youth GLS events popping up all over the world.

In 2017, the youth GLS movement will expand into more than 20 countries.

Here is just a small glimpse of what we saw happen through some of the youth events last year:


“We planned for 550 youth leaders, but on Friday night November 25th, we had 796 youth leaders from over 25 universities and colleges; and 30 volunteers.”




Puebla, Mexico had such a good response with 410 attendees in all. Due to such an incredible turnout, they made the decision to create an additional event so they could meet the demand of youth wanting to learn more about leadership.




“It was great to hear the visions the young people have of building schools, helping orphans, championing girls’ education, advocating for youth on the streets, working with people with disabilities and setting up agro processing industries. The list goes on!”


Trinidad and Tobago

There were 212 attendees and 54 made decisions to put their faith in Christ!

“I was reminded that everyone has untapped and limitless potential, waiting to be unlocked. Young leaders were inspired to imagine impossible futures and change the order of things.”



“For us, it is like a dream to be able to do something like this!”





Our goal in 2017 is to have 75 youth GLS sites around the world by August!

The countries on board for 2017 include: Belarus, Burkina Faso, China, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


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