Published December 11, 2015

My Grander Vision for India | The Church to Impact Every Aspect of Society



Binu VargheseOnly 2.3 percent of the 1.3 billion people who live in India are Christian—at least according to government records. Off the record, the number is closer to four percent, or 50 million. Despite stories of persecution, God continues to move in fresh and unique ways in the country, with churches continuing to grow, the planting of new churches and new pastors coming into the ministry.

Approximately 80 percent of India’s population practices Hinduism. Other religions prevalent in India include Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and various indigenous, ethnically-bound faiths. Within every religion, Christianity is breaking ground—particularly in the 40 percent of the population that falls into the lower class of India’s caste system. It is in Christ that they find a savior who offers dignity, comfort and honor.

My Grander Vision for India

Binu, the national assistant director for the GLS in India, said his grander vision for his country is to see people come to Christ and Christian leaders stand up and make an obvious difference in their communities—wherever they are, and as the hope of the world, that the church will be able to impact every aspect of society, including business, marketplace, media, politics, youth and women.

The Leadership Summit has had an impact on the church growth and the spread of Christianity in India. In every city where we go, pastors tell us we have come at the right time. One pastor recently called to say, “This is an answer to prayer for our city. We have been praying for two years for training and equipment for the pastors.”

Leaders from every part of India are excited about what the GLS can do, and are eagerly waiting. Because of the funding and support that comes from sponsor and partners, we are able expand the leadership training of the GLS into more areas. In 2012, there were three GLS sites; In 2015, we’ve grown to 34 sites. Currently there are invitations from at least 60 different cities that wish to hold the GLS.

Please continue to pray and support leaders like Binu in India l who seek to change lives, impact the Kingdom, and ultimately introduce people to Jesus. You make a difference for hundreds of thousands of leaders through your support and prayer.

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