Published May 25, 2020

The Antidote to Feelings of Isolation in the Marketplace

Did you know nearly 80 percent of people in the workplace today have no regular connection to a support system to help them through difficult issues?

In isolation, you are most vulnerable. I’ve been there, and that’s why I’m so passionate about what I do today. This is also why I believe in the power of programs like the marketplace chaplaincy and The Global Leadership Summit (GLS)—which speak into your life, minister to you and meet you where you are.

My passion to serve those in the marketplace

As a Christian, I’m called in Christ—and I’ve realized that I’m in ministry no matter where I’m at in life. My career started in the marketplace where I worked for over 40 years. Then 19 years ago, I was called to serve as the Chief Marketing Officer for Marketplace Chaplains. My passion is serving men and women in the marketplace by coming along side them to be a support system for whatever they may be going through, ultimately ministering to them and being the hands and feet of Jesus in their lives.

At the end of the day, you know you’re a leader when you’re helping people to fill their potential and transform their life.

As I look back on my life, I can see all the steps God exposed me to in order to prepare me for this specific assignment in the wide-open mission field of the marketplace. That’s why I became a marketplace chaplain.

What is a chaplain? Basically, chaplains are there to care for you and your family and show unconditional love regardless of your religious background. The U.S. military has had chaplains for over 235 years, and most people have heard of a chaplain in a hospital, fire department, police department or on sports teams. In the context of the workplace, it’s positioned as front-line employee care. Unlike the HR department, which functions within an organization in hiring, firing, payroll, benefits, talent, wellness, etc., the beauty of marketplace chaplains is that we’re neutral from company operations. We act as an extension of leadership in HR’s heart of care. We often partner with HR, but we’re not under the management of HR. The chaplains are somebody on the front lines where people can have a confidential, 24-hour resource.

A source of connection

The value of programs like the marketplace chaplaincy and The Global Leadership Summit is that they meet people where they are to equip, encourage and minister to them in whatever situation they’re in—reminding them that they are not alone, and they have influence.

Connect with those who can support you on your journey. Don’t stay in isolation.

My role with the Global Leadership Network (GLN) as a volunteer has been to help prepare the mission fields and plant seeds for future growth. I love the team at the GLN and what they are doing. I love the blending of work and faith the GLS brings. Personally, I know the impact—Yes, it’s an event, but it’s more than that. People often feel the term “leader” is a position rather than a way God sees you and your character. But the truth is, leadership skills can help anybody wherever they’re at. At the end of the day, you know you’re a leader when you’re helping people to fill their potential and transform their life.

Leading yourself is like sailing a boat

Too many people I know get in a hurry on their leadership journey—they see someone else doing something, and they want to go do that, but they don’t understand the process of what it took for that person to get there, or what God had to do to form that piece of clay. Too often we want to compare ourselves to others, instead of focusing on God’s unique plans for us, the way we were designed and what he’s allowed us to experience. Sometimes people will wait and say they’re waiting for the perfect deal, but sometimes you must take the good deal to get to the perfect deal. It’s like a sailboat—don’t worry about the rudder, you’ve got to raise the sails and get moving first, and then you can direct the boat.

What might God want to share with you through the GLS?

As an established or an aspiring leader, it’s important to be humble and get more in the word and in tune with God’s voice. He can use you. He’s got bigger plans than you can imagine. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy—it requires faith, discipline and trust. After going through some hard times, you start to realize what really matters in life. If it truly is God’s will and call, it’s so much better than you could have thought or imagined.

The Antidote to Feelings of Isolation in the MarketplaceIn the Bible in the book of James, he says, count it all joy when you face trials and hardships. God is working you out and preparing you to win. As a former saddle bronc rider, I’ve learned that you don’t win in one ride, it takes two or three years of practice, banging your head into the fence and breaking bones. It’s continually trying and refining skills in order to be successful—most people quit too early. It’s a learning journey. People get the equation wrong—it’s not about my idea, and then God’s plan, it’s God’s plan, and then my obedience—that’s what has impact.

Wherever God brings you, continue to rely on Him through every situation and conversation. And if you want to grow and maximize your leadership potential, learn from others along the way. Connect with those who can support you on your journey. Don’t stay in isolation. The GLS is one of the most effective and efficient ways to unlock your leadership potential.

About the Author
Jason Brown headshot

Jason Brown

Chief Marketing Officer

Marketplace Chaplains

Jason Brown’s background includes 40+ years in sales, marketing and with various companies including Wrangler, P&G, and his own businesses. Jason was called to full-time ministry 19 years ago, and currently serve as Chief Marketing Officer for Marketplace Chaplains—the world’s largest and leading workplace chaplaincy provider since 1984, serving over 1,000 companies with over 1,600 chaplains making over 5,000 worksite visits weekly. In addition to Jason’s career in business and ministry, one fun fact is that he is also a world-champion saddle bronc rider!